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Can you leave a young puppy with a dog sitter?

Puppies need lots (and lots) of care and attention. As the proud owner of a young pup, it’s comforting to know that you can engage the services of a dog sitter for those moments that you have to tear yourself away for work or a holiday. Puppy care is most pet sitters’ idea of heaven! Yet, providing a puppy sitting service is not without its challenges. It’s important to ensure that the puppies in your charge are accommodated in a safe and suitable environment. Puppy sitters are also expected to have requisite knowledge, skills and dedication. Discover all you need to know about puppy sitting below.

At what age is your puppy ready to be left with a dog sitter?
Advice: always wait until at the very least 12 weeks of age (and your puppy has had the necessary vaccinations). It’s wise to ensure that your little bundle has settled into your own home before whisking them off him to a dog sitter. After all, your pup has only recently undergone the huge adjustment of leaving the litter (and the care and companionship of Mum and siblings). So, allow your pup to get used to their new permanent home environment before placing them with a dog sitter (for any considerable length of time).

Handing over your puppy to a dog sitter might seem rather daunting. But for your puppy, it can be an incredibly enriching experience. Provided it’s done correctly, introducing your puppy to a variety of different people, animals, objects, scents and sounds during the socialisation phase is extremely educational for your pup. They will grow up to be a confident, sociable and sweet-natured canine companion as a result.

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