Dogsitting Amsterdam

My name is Martijn Verkuil, I'm a webdesigner by day and a webdesigner by night. I love animals and I am self-employed so I can determine my own hours. This makes for an ideal situation to walk a dog or play with a cat (and get away from my pc)!

This website has been built to present myself in a more visual way than my profile on Pawshake. You can book me for sitting cats and dogs through Pawshake (it's free for you).

About the petsitter

Born in 1975 in Alkmaar and living in Amsterdam for about seven years now. Grew up with a dog and many cats.

I'm a calm and patient person. I'm used to deal with shy cats. Due to my size (6'5") I have no problem with bigger dogs or dogs who pull on the leash.

Voor dieren zorgen is me haast letterlijk met de paplepel ingegoten. Hier leerde ik dat katten geen banaan lusten.

I learned at a young age that sharing is caring. I also learned our cat didn't care for the banana I shared....


Book me through Pawshake!

You can book me through the Pawshake website. You can register for a free account there. You won't pay any fees to Pawshake. The payment to me is handled by them (also the insurance). You can check my calendar there to see which periods are still free. Make an appointment for a (free) meet-up!


Petsitter in Amsterdam

I live a 5 minute walk from Oosterpark. However, for longer walking sessions the Flevopark is my park of choice (see photos). I live in an apartment of 70 m2 with a small balcony (big enough for me and a dog). It is on the second floor and easy accessible by a wide stone staircase.

Also available for cats!

Although the website is called 'hondenoppas' (sitting dogs) shows a lot of dog photos, I can also take care of cats! In fact, I have a lot of experience with cats since my parents almost always had cats when I lived at home. They've had more than 10 (one left) and I've experienced them all.

Each cat found a new home with us (they were all unwanted) and lived a long and happy life. Since some were stray cats I also have experience with shy cats. With a bit of patience they all ended up on my lap. But then again, my enormous lap is hard to resist for any cat. 

You can either bring your cat over or book me for home visits. I have done both through Pawshake. 

Love seat

Reviews on Pawshake (more to follow)



Cai (Maltese)

We never have to worry about anything when Cai is staying at Martijn's place. We get tons of updates of photos, videos, and just how he is doing that day. I know Cai really enjoys his time there and Martijn gives him lots of love and attention. Martijn will always be our first choice.

This time we had an unexpected problem getting back to the Netherlands, but Martijn was flexible and able to watch him a couple of days longer. It was really a lifesaver and great to know that Cai would be in good hands. I cannot say enough good words about our experiences and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a pet sitter.

(2nd review after 2nd stay)



Sharpie & Posca (Markiesjes)

Super vriendelijk en zorgzaam voor onze twee honden. Heel fijn dat Martijn op zo'n korte termijn er voor heeft gezorgd dat wij een zorgeloze vakantie hebben gehad.



Bowie (Swiss Sheppard)

There was immediately a good click between Martijn and our dog. Bowie is a swiss shepherd who needs a lot of activity and attention, and Martijn provided him with daily long walks and hours of playing in the park(s). We have received a lot of feedback such a fotos and videos, so that we could see that Bowie was having fun. Martijn has won my full confidence and I will certainly use his service again in the near future.



Ben (Scottish Stride)

Martijn was boarding our fluffy cat Ben for 11 days. I think they made a real man friendship! When I eventually came to pick him, Ben was behaving like if he, not Martijn, was the owner of the flat, so I think he got a first-class treatment 🙂

Martijn was very kind not only to Ben but also to me -- when he heard that I will be bringing Ben alone together with the litter box and the litter, he visited his parents and borrowed a litter box and some litter, so my "logistics" were eased a lot xD

Martijn was playing with Ben frequently, taking photos and filming it, so as a nice bonus we got a bunch of photos and a magnificent video of Ben running around in a slow motion! Me and Ben are both very pleased with Martijn, we share the view that it was a perfect choice for the stay!



Juli (Jack Russel mix)

Na een negatieve ervaring met een oppas met onze vorige hond vond ik het heel eng om Juli achter te laten bij iemand die ik niet ken. Na lang zoeken vond ik Martijn en zijn profiel sprak mij meteen aan. De eerste ontmoeting met hem was ook prettig, het voelde meteen goed.

Martijn heeft tijdens onze vakantie mooie en leuke foto's en filmpjes gestuurd. Ik zag op de foto's en filmpjes dat Juli het heel erg naar haar zin had. Ze kwam geen aandacht tekort en je merkt dat hij veel ervaring heeft met dieren. Hij ziet meteen wat voor karaktertje hij in huis heeft en zorgt ervoor dat het beestje zich op haar gemak voelt.

Ik vond het heel grappig om te zien dat Martijn zijn mooie bank had omgetoverd in een grote lappenbak waar Juli als een gek op heen en weer kon rennen. Martijn heeft ons een heel blij, voldaan gelukkig hondje mee terug gegeven. Zij heeft net als ons een fijne vakantie gehad.

Ik hoop niet dat deze super oppas door mijn waardering volgeboekt raakt want ik vertrouw Juli graag vaker aan hem toe.



Tobias (German Sheppard/Husky mix)

I have used Martijn a few times now to watch my dog Tobias, and he has been excellent! Super flexible with pick-up time which was perfect for my schedule. He walked Tobias for hours and hours - a dream come true. He also sent lots of pictures and updates of how things are going. My dog suffers from anxiety when left with new people, but he immediately got along really well with Martijn, so he's basically Dr. Dolittle 🙂 Overall, a really great dog sitter!



Max & Gus (Goldendoodles)

Martijn is amazing with our two large dogs. He is kind and gentle with them and seemed to really enjoy their personalities and spending time with them. We felt comfortable being away for a long weekend knowing they were in good hands. We will definitely use Martijn again and highly recommend his services!



Matteo (Dachshund)

Absolutely perfect! Our dachshund Matteo feels really comfortable with Martijn and we are sure that we can fully trust him. He sends a lot of updates and pictures. Matteo is a little bit old and he needs more care sometimes. Martijn is the right person. He cares, he is responsible and trustable.



Maya (labrador)

Martijn looked after our dog very well. He walked her to the park daily, and kept us up to date with photos and videos. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.



Popeye & Juno (cats)

Martijn visited our two cats Popeye and Juno at our home while we were away for a week. He took great care of them, spending a lot of time with them daily, feeding, petting and playing with them. He sent us tones of pictures and videos of our cats, so we felt super reassured (our cats mean a lot to us, so we usually feel quite stressed when we're away). When we came home to our cats, they both were very healthy and relaxed, we could tell they really enjoyed having Martijn's visit everyday.
We would highly recommend Martijn to anyone looking for a cat sitter, and will definitely ask for his help again! Everything was perfect!!



Souf (Podencostyle)

Afgelopen zondag heeft Martijn voor het eerst op mijn hond gepast en precies zoals alle vorige recensies omschrijven:
TOP bevallen! Martijn is heel flexibel met zowel breng-als ophaaltijden, stuurt allerlei leuke foto's en filmpjes gedurende de dag, wandelt in parken met je hond, enz... kortom: ik was met een gerust hart aan het werk en wist dat mijn Souf super verzorgd werd; heel erg fijn!!



Jamie (Samoyed)

Martijn is heel aardig en zorgde ervoor dat onze hond Jamie een hele leuke tijd heeft gehad. Het was ook fijn en leuk dat Martijn regelmatig foto's/video's stuurde van Jamie's avonturen.



Muis (yorkshire terrier)

Super oppas, stuurt heel veel foto's en deed erg zijn best om het onze hond naar haar zin te maken.



Terrier Mix

Best sitter ever! Yoshi had a fantastic time which I could tell from all the photos Martijn sent me. I felt very comfortable leaving my sweet pup in his care and would definitely do it again. Such a kind sitter that truly loves dogs!




My dog, Milka, stayed for a day at Martijn's place. Martijn was amazing with my dog and took care of her specific requirements (handling anxieties). Milka was very relaxed and clearly happy since the moment that I left and this is unusual for her! This day was a treat for Milka, including a nice long walk and even a swim in Flevopark. At the same time I knew my dog was under professional care, happy, safe and sound as I received frequent updates and pictures.




Martijn took care of our cat Milfred during our holiday and it was a great experience. Milfred was extremely relaxed and happy after her stay and judging from the daily WhatsApp photo updates we received, she loved every minute of her vacation with Martijn too. Martijn clearly adores animals, is great in communicating, very flexible in making arrangements and 100% reliable. I highly recommend Martijn as pet sitter!




Ons hondje heeft een hele leuke tijd gehad bij Martijn.




Amaia loved her time spent with Martijn! This was her first experience staying away from me so I was a bit afraid how she would react but they got along perfectly! Amaia loves to play with the ball and to cuddle and Martijn gave her lots of both! When I took her back, she refused in the beginning to walk away from his place!!! Until the next time!!!


Donald & Katie

Donald (Rottweiler/Sheppard) & Katie (Kooiker)

Eigenlijk houden we liever een beetje geheim hoe goed Martijn is, zodat hij altijd beschikbaar is voor onze honden :-). Behalve dat Martijn enorm goed voor onze honden heeft gezorgd (lekker veel rennen in het park, spelen thuis, eten, medicijnen) is hij ook nog eens heel erg lief voor ze. We hebben genoten van de fotootjes en de videootjes en zagen alleen maar blije koppies. Wij hebben oom Martijn opgenomen in de familie.

Guests during their stay